Say Goodbye to Security Deposits

Save thousands in upfront costs with a simple and affordable alternative to traditional cash deposits

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With a Security Deposit Alternative, residents have an option of paying a significantly smaller deposit upfront while adding a simple percentage-based fee to their monthly rent.

This also means the headache of getting your deposit back is a thing of the past. It's your money, spend it on things you want, not a security deposit.

Some of the Many Benefits of a Security Deposit Alternative

Thousands saved in upfront cost

Get automated program details in a matter of seconds

Consistent monthly fee will remain the same throughout your lease term

Your enrollment approval is guaranteed

The program is an option, not a requirement

Minimized upfront fees and no letters of credit required

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The Premium the Resident pays is not a Security Deposit and will not be refunded to the Resident. If Deposit Alternatives, LLC pays a claim to the Landlord, the Resident must reimburse Deposit Alternatives, LLC for the full amount of the claim.

This program is optional. Residents may elect to provide a Security Deposit instead.